Mwangi Charles Kariuki, Dr. Samuel Wabala



Procurement planning contributes greatly towards facilitating an effective and efficient performance of public sector organizations and is generally undisputed in both developed and developing countries. This contribution can be at both central and local government levels of public sector management. This study looked at the implications of procurement planning in County Governments in Kenya. The purpose of the study was to understand the implications of procurement planning in the public sector more importantly in County Government in Kenya. The objectives of the study were to investigate the need for budgeting, implications of procurement portfolio on performance of procurement functions in County governments. The researcher used the descriptive research design as the sample size used was assumed to have similar characteristics. The target population was composed of 405 employees from selected 24 Counties. A sample of 213 employees was selected for the study. Questionnaires and interview were the major instruments of data collection. They were self-administered and will be first pilot tested for validity and reliability. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 20.1 was used for data analysis. The data was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics. The study found that procurement portfolio positively and significantly influences performance of county governments; budgeting positively and significantly influences performance of county governments; needs assessment positively and significantly influences performance of county governments; and risk management positively and significantly influences performance of procurement functions in county governments. The study thus recommends the county government to ensure that they effectively implement the procurement portfolio strategies, which include supplier monopoly and market complexity. In addition, planning scope is important in drawing the budget scope because it assists in planning for activities, ascertain how the subsequent year might change, and steps to be taken to respond to the changes.

Keywords:  Procurement portfolio, Budgeting, Procurement Performance

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