Achieng Agnes, Dr. Martin Kimemia Gathiru


This research project aimed to provide an analysis of the influence of the strategy formulation on the financial performance of investment firms, taking Centum Investments as the case study. The Human Capital theory underpinned this study. This being a case study, the focus was on one unit, Centum Investments. Primary data was collected from Centum Investments personnel and secondary data was from scholarly papers, online portals, and databases. The study used a descriptive research design, collecting data both qualitatively through observations and interviews also quantitatively through utilizing structured questionnaires. Modernity formula was used to calculate the sample size. Findings emphasized the fundamental role of a well-crafted strategy in achieving financial success. A clearly defined vision, mission, and structured objectives significantly influenced financial performance, guiding decision-making and aligning organizational efforts. Financial performance measures revealed a positive growth trajectory, reflecting Centum's ability to generate value and optimize investments. The study underscored the pivotal role of strategy formulation and advocated for a dynamic, adaptive approach to navigate the evolving business landscape for sustained financial success. By examining how Centum Investments' bottom line in Kenya has been influenced by the strategy formulation, this research closed the information gap in the paucity of research on the subject of investment firms' financial performance and strategic planning in Kenya.

Keywords: Strategy Formulation, Financial Performance, Investment Firms, Centum Investments

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