Tume Dida Waqo, Dr. Robert Obuba (Ph.D)


Strategic management is a critical aspect of any organization seeking to achieve its objectives effectively. The successful implementation of strategic management can result in improved organizational performance and competitiveness, increased revenue and profitability, and enhanced stakeholder value. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of resource allocation on the Performance of Service Organisations in Kenya: A Case of National Social Security Fund Marsabit County. The target population was 32 respondents.  Census sampling was used for the study. Data from primary sources was used. Data from the primary was gathered using a semi-structured questionnaire. A pilot study of ten staff from the NSSF branch in Wajir County was conducted to ensure the validity of the questionnaire. The data that has been gathered was examined to see whether or not there are any gaps, inaccuracies, omissions, or other types of irregularities. SPSS Version 23.0 was used alongside MS Excel software to obtain both descriptive and inferential statistics. In the study, descriptive statistics was provided in the form of tables, bar charts, and graphs. These statistics entailed the usage of the mean as well as the standard deviation. The Pearson correlation coefficient was used as part of the inferential statistics in order to determine the nature of the relation that exists between the study's various variables. The study concluded that the organization demonstrates effective resource allocation with areas of improvement in prioritizing resources. Based on these conclusions, recommendations included enhancing strategies for priority-based resource allocation.

Keywords: Resource Allocation, Performance, Service Organisations, National Social Security Fund

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