Winfred Mawia Kisoi, Dr. Robert Mang’ana


This study is aimed at establishing the effect of change management strategies on the performance of public secondary schools in the Makadara Sub County. The specific objectives are to determine the impact of communication strategies and leadership strategies on the performance of public secondary schools in the Makadara Sub County. Public secondary schools in Makadara Sub County were chosen because the sub-county has 20% of the public secondary schools in Kenya. The population of this research chose 15 public secondary schools in the Makadara Sub County. The study’s target population constituted 195 school principals, senior teachers and Board of Management members. A sample of 20% will be selected. This resulted to a sample of 60 respondents. The study collected primary data gathered using a structured questionnaire administered through drop and pick letter method. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis of data will be done to answer the research questions of the study. The qualitative data will be analyzed using content analysis and presented in prose form. In quantitative analysis, the researcher applied Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS Version 25) software. A multiple linear regression analysis was conducted. Figures and Tables were used to summarize responses for further analysis and enable comparison. Leadership strategies influenced the performance and led to the improvement from previous year’s performance. There was a statistically significant relationship of leadership strategies with improvement from previous year’s performance. There was a statistically significant relationship of communication strategies with the improvement from previous year’s performance.

Keywords: Leadership Strategies, Communication Strategies, Performance Of Public Secondary Schools

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